Remove AeroCheckout product from the regular cart if a user doesn’t complete the funnel

Sometimes you need a plugin to achieve a specific need. And sometimes you need a dedicated snippet to change behavior of an add-on for a plugin to make clients wishes come true. This is one of those times.

Which plugin? One Click Upsells by BuildWooFunnels

Which add-on? AeroCheckout

What do we want to achieveRemove cart content on regular cart/checkout pages IF the customer started the funnel through AeroCheckout page, but hasn’t completed the purchase. 

Solution? In the snippet below, courtesy of AeroCheckout developers. 

Long version

AeroCheckout is an add-on for One Click Upsells plugin that allows you to create beatiful dedicated checkout pages to be used in a funnel. In this particular case, a client wanted to sell a specific product just through this funnel and one checkout page – but on the same domain as their regular WooCommerce store. The problem arised with visitors starting the funnel but never completing their purchase. This led to a product staying in regular cart where they could use a coupon code and other benefits that should not be available to this particular product that was meant to only be purchased through a particular Aerocheckout page. 

Below is the snippet you can use to automatically remove a product from AeroCheckout page if the visitors didn’t make a purchase through AeroCheckout page. As an added bonus, it will also remove an order bump created via Order Bump plugin .

The code goes into your functions.php file: 

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