About Miroslav

I’ve been working with WordPress and WooCommerce for clients and personal websites for more than 9 years. Some of my specialties include:

Woo Tales

Woo Tales was originally created to document all the solutions & issues I faced over the years, but expanded into a larger project. At this moment, Woo Tales focuses on the following topics:

  • Tips & Tricks

    WooCommerce/Wordpress troubleshooting, tips and tricks. Everything from minor CSS changes to custom snippets for advanced WooCommerce functionalities.

  • Reviews

    Reviews of plugins/themes/hosting companies that I’ve either extensively used or still using

  • Security

    Security and anti-fraud solutions for WordPress/WooCommerce.

  • Other platforms

    Tricks and troubleshooting for 3rd-party platforms connected to WordPress/WooCommerce

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